Our Family Recipes

ORIGINAL CHARCOAL’S Cedar Planked Brie with Mango (or Blueberry) Chili


1 Original Charcoal Cedar Cooking Plank, soaked a minimum of 1 hour
2 small wheels of Brie – approximately 250g (~9 oz) each
2 medium shallots or 1 medium onion, thinly sliced
2 green onion, finely chopped
2 jalapeno peppers, seeded depending on heat desire, finely chopped
2 tbsp. olive oil
1 tbsp, fresh thyme, or lemon thyme, or cilantro, or mint, or…
1/2 cup raspberry preserve
1 pint fresh, diced mango, or 1 pint fresh blueberries
2 Baguette


1. Preheat your charcoal grill with Rancher Charcoal Organic
Lump Charcoal…or your gas grill if you must.
2. Using a the correct knife, cut the rind off of the top of the Brie wheel.
3. In the correct sized bowl, mix the shallots, green onions, jalapeno
pepper, olive oil, thyme (mint), raspberry preserve, and mango. Mix well
but gently.
4. Spread chutney evenly over the two brie wheels.
5. Heat your presoaked Cedar Plank inside your grill for a few minutes.
6. Place the brie wheels carefully onto the cedar planks and toast baguette
in grill away from high heat, and close grill lid. Bake for ~10 minutes
until cheese is melting and has begun to bubble. The rind should have a
terrific golden brown from the delicious smoke.
7. Remove the spectacular cedar planked brie and the wonderfully toasted
baguette from the grill and serve. The brie can be served right off the hot
plank, but be sure to consider the charred bottom of the plank and
corresponding heat.
8. Accept the praise and accolades from friends and family with gracious

Amazingly delicious Wild Dill Sauce

1 1/2 cup Plain Yogurt
3-5 cloves minced Garlic to taste
1/4 cup fresh chopped dill
1/2 teaspoon Sea of Kosher Salt
A few cracks of Fresh ground pepper
Mix, Wrap and chill until serving time

Wild Organic Salmon fillet or steaks

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Drizzled moderately
Sea Salt or Kosher Salt, – Sprinkled evenly
Light Brown Sugar – Dusted evenly
Fresh ground pepper – Ground Coarsely
Fresh chopped dill weed – applied generously, (but your not making a poltis)

Put Cedar plank on the cooking grates of your charcoal grill…or gas grill
if you must

IN 5 MINUTES put salmon on plank and close lid. Cook to choice of doneness.
15-25 minutes.

Provide the sauce to guest for dipping, drizzling, and slathering. Everyone
will LOVE this or my name isn’t the Charcoal Man!…( play music, enter
Carry Grant with Grace Kelly on his arm, pan to sun set on the French
Riviera Holding a bag of my charcoal)

Grilled Cinnamon Apples
-Choice of crisp, tart apple – Braeburn or Pink Lady if possible
-cut into pieces 2″x1/2″
-Cinnamon sugar

Grill until grill marks are on each side. This ensures carmelization, hot
through, but still crisp in the middle.

Grilled Venison Tenderloin with Orange Teriyaki reduction
-Hunt down a nice 125lb Doe. Field dress and remove tenderloin
-Salt, Pepper, and Garlic powder to taste
-1/2 cup teriyaki sauce
-1/2 stick butter
-Juice from 1 big navel Orange
-1 medium/large Onion diced

Grill to perfection with RANCHER charcoal.

Sauté Onion and butter. Add Orange juice and teriyaki sauce. Reduce to
desired consistency

Cajon Grilled Venison Tenderloin
-Hunt down…you know the drill
-1/4 cup Cajun Seasoning
-2Tbsp fresh Oregano
-1/4 cup finely diced Onion
-3 Tbsp Olive oil

Marinate and grill to perfection with RANCHER charcoal.

Balsamic Grilled Venison Tenderloin
-…You know.
1/3 cup Balsamic
1/3 cup EVOO
SP and G to taste

Marinate and grill to perfection with RANCHER charcoal.