“25,000 years ago man discovered fire. That night he cooked his first piece of meat. This here is evolution, and your standing right in the middle of it with your Original Charcoal Company charcoal.”

Mike English- PhD in Thermodynamics of Stokeometry and successful competitor on the MIM – FBA – KCBS – Mosquito County BBQ Society – and Moose Logde Circuits

“I wanted to confirm once and for all which, if any, charcoal made food taste better. I filled two Old Hickory Pit Smokers with Smithfield, St Louis style pork ribs. I used Kingsford in one smoker and Rancher Charcoal Hardwood RANCHER charcoal in the other. I sampled the entire restaurant throughout the evening and the results were unanimous. Every single patron chose the ribs cooked on Rancher Charcoal hardwood charcoal. For me and for my restaurant, Original Charcoal Company RANCHER charcoal is THE ONLY CHARCOAL that we will use.”

Carl “The Cook” Lewis, Owner of the Rib Hut in Wilson, NC and the inventor of the John Boy and Billy Grilling and Cooking Sauces